Comedy in Japan can be traced back to forms of entertainment such as "rakugo" (literal translation "fallen words") storytelling in comical monologues, or "kyogen" (literal translation "mad words") a form of traditional theater said to have its roots in China. ( more)
 Oh! Invisible Man
Japanese TitleOh! Toumei Ningen
English TitleOh! Invisible Man
DirectorMasakazu Migita
[2010/2013 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 62 mins/73 mins]

Something's fishy about this invisible guy.
 Ninja Robin Hood
Japanese TitleOnna Nezumi Kozo Tadaima Sanjou!
English TitleNinja Robin Hood
DirectorMasahiro Mori
[2006 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 85]

It takes a female thief to make a bad guy in deep sleep.
 18 Rin Vol.2 - Rinko Eighteen: Find New Actress!
Japanese Title18 Rin 2 -Aidoru wo Sagase!-
English Title18 Rin Vol.2 - Rinko Eighteen: Find New Actress!
DirectorHideo Jojo
[2009 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 77 min.]

Rinko is an innocent girl, born with a silver spoon in her mouth, who works at an adult movie studio. One day, she meets her younger school friend, and they start a scouting trip to find the next porno queen.
 18 Rin -Rinko Eighteen-
Japanese Title18 Rin -Rinko Eighteen-
English Title18 Rin -Rinko Eighteen-
DirectorHideo Jojo
[2009 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 65 min.]

Rinko is a preppy high-school girl who strives to become a doctor. But her family suddenly goes bankrupt and loses everything. After desperate attempts for work, Rinko finally gets a job, but…
Japanese TitleSundome4
English TitleSundome4
DirectorDaigo Udagawa
[2009 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 82 min.]

I saved our promise…
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