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  Decotora Gal: Nami 3
Japanese Title: Decotora Gal: Nami Bakuso! Ballade-hen
English Title: Decotora Gal: Nami 3
Director: Hideo Jojo
Cast: Akiho Yoshizawa / Ryoichi Inaba / Mutsuo Yoshioka / Asami
[2011 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 75 minutes]

Rights sold in North America, Hong Kong, Thailand and Korea.
Woman who drives a deco truck does more than just keep her hands wet on the wheel!

Nami’s deco-truck business is booming. It all started in high school when her late father, Torajiro, became tangled up in crime. This third installment of the smash hit series centers on Nami’s desperate early days when she gets to know her pals Kikuo and Ayano even more in her father’s troubles. It throbs, hums, and mesmerizes with all the style of a deco truck rolling down the highway!

(c)2011 Museum Pictures