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  Watching fuckin’ TV All Time Makes a Fool
Japanese Title: Terebi Bakari Miteruto Bakaninaru
English Title: Watching fuckin’ TV All Time Makes a Fool
Director: Toru Kamei
Cast: Honoka / Akifumi Miura / Tetsuji Ohashi / Nobuyuki Matsuda
[2006 / Color / VISTA / Stereo / 85 minutes]

【Based on comic books】

"What do you do when you can't be bothered with life?" Based on the comic of the same title by Japan's popular erotic manga artist, Naoki Yamamoto.

Yuki hasn't stepped out of her one-room apartment for five years now and the place is piling high with garbage and clutter. She lives alone and the only people who come to visit her are two men: Keiji and Katsuya. Other than that, it is just a box of food that arrives regularly from her mother. Keiji has a "hidden" camera set in her room connected to the internet 24 hours a day. He drops by to sleep with her in front of the camera, and to pay her for what he earns through Yuki's members-only website. Katsuya also comes around when he pleases but he is unaware of the camera. During sex, he tells her repeatedly that she is doing the right thing: not giving into society's expectations and ideas. He tells her she doesn't have to change at all. Yuki can't be bothered with the two men, but she also can't be bothered to resist them. She's only grateful that they take out her garbage at times or brings food for her goldfish. All Yuki does is eat, sleep and watch TV. Then one day a counselor, sent by her mother, enters the room and tells her that watching TV all day will ruin her. He strikes up a deal with Yuki to make her take one step out of her room.

alt : Telebaka_TR_l.wmv

(c)2007 Naoki Yamamoto / AMG Entertainment