Drama occurs without warning - without any regard to time or place. Japanese pictures, as with any other films, have portrayed human emotions such as love and sadness through relationships formed by family, friends, lovers, and neighbors.(...read more)
 Be My Baby
Japanese TitleKoi no Uzu
English TitleBe My Baby
DirectorHitoshi One
[2013 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 138 min.]

Silly, crazy and erotic love game!
 Make Room
Japanese TitleMeiku Ruumu
English TitleMake Room
DirectorKei Morikawa
[2014 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 86 min.]

Unfolded in only a make up room for porn shooting!
Japanese TitleHanare Banareni
English TitleKURO
DirectorDaisuke Shimote
[2012 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 86 min.]

Not very close but not distant relationship.
 The Voice of Water
Japanese TitleMizu no Koe o Kiku
English TitleThe Voice of Water
DirectorMasashi Yamamoto
[2014 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 129 min.]

Is there "love"?
 Life on the Edge
Japanese TitleHadaka no Itoko
English TitleLife on the Edge
DirectorGitan Otsuru
[2013 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 132 min.]

A grand and mighty world of a man and a woman on the edge
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