In the romantic genre, the classic theme of a man and woman whose love is mired by differences in social status is played out in Masahiro Shinoda's "Double Suicide" (1969). Likewise, lovers torn apart by a grave illness or an unforeseen incident are themes seen more recently in Isao Yukisada's "Crying Out Love, in the Center of the World" (2004) or Takeshi Kitano's "Hana-bi" (1997).( more)
 Go Ecchi Go! A Cat & Dog
Japanese TitleEcchi wo Nerae! Inu-Neko.
English TitleGo Ecchi Go! A Cat & Dog
DirectorTakashi Kaneda
[2009 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 88min.]

An erotic love comedy about a beautiful and loyal dog-type school teacher and a capricious cat-type high-school girl.
 The Love of a Cell-phone Novelist
Japanese TitleKeitai Shosetsuka no Ai
English TitleThe Love of a Cell-phone Novelist
DirectorIsao Kaneko
[2009 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 100 min.]

An extreme and outrageous story of a high-school student, Ai, finding true love.
 My Feelings Inside
Japanese TitleOnna Gokoro
English TitleMy Feelings Inside
DirectorAyato Matsuda
[2008 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 121 min.]

It's a bittersweet semi-documentary movie about a girl living in the big city, Tokyo, endures a revolving door of short-term relationship seeking true love.
Japanese TitleBaumkuhen
English TitleBaumkuchen
DirectorKensaku Kakimoto
[2006 / Color / Standard / Stereo / 120 min.]

A fantastical sweet and spicy journey by the talented young director, Kensaku Kakimoto.
 Japonica Virus
Japanese TitleJaponica Virus
English TitleJaponica Virus
DirectorYu Irie
[2006 / Color / Vista / Stereo / 94 min.]

Goodbye Nippon…
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