Director: Michihito FUJII
Cast: Yuki SERA / Riko UCHIKOSHI / Natsuko KOBAYASHI

Genre: Youth / Suspense / Drama
[2017 / Color / HD / Stereo / 113 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]

The present day, Japan. HIKARI, a girl who has kind heart, tries to protect a bullied classmates. YO, a business person, gets engaged to his girlfriend after 3 years of dating. YUKA, an elder sister of KOTA, gives KOTA, who goes volunteering to the devastated Tohoku area, a send-off with full of pride. Their happiness is supposed to last in the years to come, but three tragic accidents bring enormous changes on their future.

HIKARI gets sexually assaulted in a day-time park. A psycho serial killer stabs a finance of YO with a knife. KOTA, a YUKA’s brother, gets hit by a car suddenly. After 3 years from each accidents, sufferers and surroundings of victims live with each sadness. HIKARI shaves her head and looks for a man raped her. YUKA and YO meet at a gathering of people who has deceased family members by accidents and struggle to overcome the accidents.

And one day, a man who hits KOTA comes out of prison; furthermore, this moves the future of people relates to each accidents forward.
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