Director: Shin SONODA
Cast: Gen OGAWA / Iku ARAI / Marie ONO / Moeru AKAZOME / Erika TSUNASHIMA
Genre: Crime / Suspense
[2017 / Color / HD / Stereo / 99 min. / Japanese with English subtitles]
[Festival Records]
Winner Best Feature Award
-  London FIlm Awards 2017
Winner Honorable Mention Award
-  Meditarranian Film Festival Cannes 2017
Winner Best Screenplay Award
-  SOMA FIlm Festival 2018
Winner Platinum Award
-  International Independent FIlm Awards 2018
Winner Castell Award
-  Barcelona International Film Festival 2018
Official Selection - Nice International Film Festival
Rihito, a ghostwriter of a famous novelist, meets a woman, Saki and falls in love with her.  They start dating and Rihito makes the marriage proposal to Saki, but she makes a suicide attempt.  Rihito knows her secret as he read her diary.  She lost her fiancée by a plane crush.  Her fiancée took the flight Rihito supposed to get on board but he cancelled.  Saki approaches him to check if Rihito worth living more than her fiancée.
On the other hand, Aya, a sister of Saki, is aimed by a stalker; however, Aya uses the stalker to realize her dream.  Aya has been always living with jealousy against her sister.  Aya introduced to Saki’s fiancée to Saki, but Aya loves him first.  Aya’s jealous drives her evil result.
By staying with him, she had been going through the incident she had had with her fiancée one year ago. Her sister, Aya Honda, was plotting a secret plan. From one accident, several lives intertwine. Shiraishi learned her secret, and Saki became attracted to him. Keeping a distance from each other, they began to drop their pretense and started taking a serious look at their own selves.
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